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20 in 2020

Earlier this week, a friend of mine gave me the challenge to set 20 challenges for 2020. I started off my “20 in 2020” list with some really easy ones. But then he just had to vet, edit and increase the amp. *sigh* So here is my kinda-final list as I start this year.

#1 Bible in a Year

This is a personal goal I had set for myself the end of last year itself. I speed-read the Bible in less than 100 days in 2019. But this year I am embracing a slower-paced year-long schedule.

I plan to use the CSB Day-by-Day Chronological Bible for this challenge. This Bible features a narrative approach to the Bible with a chronological reading plan and daily reading portions guided by Dr George Guthrie. It is conveniently divided into 312 weekly portions – i.e. 52 weeks with 6 reading sections each week. So I can do the tracking in the Bible itself.

CSB Day-by-Day Chronological Bible
CSB Day-by-Day Chronological Bible

If you already have a Bible and would like to follow the reading plan you can find it here (check the one that says Chronological Plan)

  • DURATION? 52 Weeks
  • TRACKING WHERE? In the Bible + Instagram
  • TIME REQUIRED? ~ 6 hours each week

#2 20 Fun Dates in 2020

Most of our dates in the last 2 years have been either before a big screen or at the dining table. So this year, the aim is to go on more active and involved dates. I have started putting together a list of non-movie non-food date ideas already. G❤︎d willing, we may go on more than 20 fun dates this year. But “20 in 2020” is a good starting goal.

  • DURATION? 12 months
  • TRACKING WHERE? Personal Calendar
  • TIME REQUIRED? 1-2 fun dates each month

#3 Budget like a Boss

In my financial area, 2020 is starting off on the wrong foot with two medical and furniture loans, although I stayed completely debt-free in 2019. Paying these off, hopefully, will not be a hassle as these are just a few thousand pounds. But the three life lessons they are teaching me are so valuable:

  1. Be prepared for life’s curveballs,
  2. Save to spend and buy only if I can afford it and
  3. Don’t let 0% APRs tempt me

This year gets more interesting because there are four expensive projects on the horizon. There is no way I can end this year debt-free unless I set aside about £10,000. Easier said than done! But, then again, if it was easy, it wouldn’t be a challenge, would it?

Earlier this week, while reconciling our 2019 budget, I realised we had started the year with some credit card debt. But then out-of-the-blue a business opportunity arose with just enough funds to pay it off. Case in point: miracles happen, so hope in G❤︎d!

  • DURATION? All Year
  • TRACKING WHERE? Bank Accounts
  • TIME REQUIRED? ~ 30 minutes each week

#4 20 Books in 2020

After managing to carve out some Me-Time last year, I am planning to put it to good use with some quality reading time. 20 is an arbitrary decision because 20 in 2020 sounds rhyming and seems realistic. However, the real deal is to repurpose a minimum of 13 hours of my “Me-Time” towards reading a book or listening to an audiobook.

  • DURATION? All Year
  • TRACKING WHERE? Goodreads
  • TIME REQUIRED? ~ 13 hours each month

#5 20 Hours of Workout

My target healthy habit for this year is to get in 20 hours of exercise every month. I don’t have defined regimen yet. But I am cool to throw in cardio, strength training, dancing, yoga and even try out some fun new things. This is a hard one because I am not naturally drawn to movement. But every baby step in the right direction counts, right?

  • DURATION? All Year
  • TRACKING WHERE? Timeular (exercise time)
  • TIME REQUIRED? ~ 20 hours each month

#6 200 Hours of Code

This challenge is inspired by the 100 days of code challenge which is an hour coding for 100 consecutive days. However, I am taking a more lenient approach to check my appetite and stamina first. Coincidentally, a FreeCodeCamp newsletter arrived this morning with some awesome ideas for Coding Challenges that I can use as a springboard for this challenge. (Update 12/02: This started off as the 100 hours of code challenge. But after reading my blog post, my best bud upped the game to 200 hours. Game on, mate!)

  • DURATION? 6 months
  • TRACKING WHERE? Timeular (coding time) + GitHub
  • TIME REQUIRED? ~ 4 hours each week

#7 #MinsGame

Introduced by The Minimalists, the rules of the Minimalism Game (or Mins Game for short) are pretty simple: Get rid of 1 thing on the first day, 2 things on the second day, 3 things on the third day and so on, until you can get rid of 31 things on the last day. How much lighter would I feel with 496 fewer things to store and maintain!

  • DURATION? 31 Days
  • TRACKING WHERE? In this Blog ( + Instagram? )
  • TIME REQUIRED? 4 Hrs each week

#8 Project 333

Project 333 is a minimalist fashion challenge to dress with 33 items for 3 months. If this is something that interests you, header over to Courtney’s website to learn more about it. With my fluctuating weight and dress size, my wardrobe is filled with aspirational and just-in-case clothes for when I lose or gain weight. It badly needs a reset!

  • DURATION? 3 months and beyond
  • TRACKING WHERE? In this Blog (+ Instagram? )
  • TIME REQUIRED? ~2 hours each week

#9 A2-Level Spanish

I recently took an online Spanish Test and did not clear even the A1 level. *sigh* So my challenge this year is to clear the Spanish A2 level test. I will retake the test every quarter to measure my improvement and will keep you posted.

  • DURATION? 6 months
  • TRACKING WHERE? Timeular (Spanish study time)
  • TIME REQUIRED? 30 minutes each week

#10 Project Life 2020

What better way to memorialise the start of a new decade than to scrapbook the first year of the decade! 2020 is likely to be a year of changes and so I am thinking why not get all the drama documented for future reference.

Pocket Life is one of the many pocket style scrapbooking system. If you have never heard of Project Life, check out Becky’s website where she shares all about it. Although I prefer digital scrapbooking, I am opting for the traditional paper-based scrapbooking approach so I can use up my physical scrapbooking supplies.

  • DURATION? 53 Weeks
  • TRACKING WHERE? In the Scrapbook + In this Blog
  • TIME REQUIRED? 4 hours each month

#11 NaNoWriMo 2020

NaNoWriMo is a website that challenges us to write a novel in November – yes in 30 days. In 7 years, I completed 4 projects and came very close to completing a fifth.

My NaNoWriMo track record from 2011 - 2017
My NaNoWriMo Track Record (2011-2017)

I have had a story idea in my head for some years now. But it is one of those storylines that I feel so precious about that I fear I will ruin by writing it down. Crazy, I know! So this year, I am going to take the plunge and do NaNoWriMo 2020.

  • DURATION? 30 days (but probably a couple of months of prep work)
  • TRACKING WHERE? NaNoWriMo (updated link)
  • TIME REQUIRED? 5 hours each week

#12 20 Poems in 2020

This is another challenge influenced by the “20 in 2020” phrase. I did a challenging version of this in 2018 with a friend, picking up a new poetry form each week to jot down a poem. As the poetry forms got more challenging (like Concrete poems), the longer we took to complete. And eventually, we gave up before the year was out.

This year I want to keep it light and choose some poetry forms that are more fun to work with. The end game is not to become a poetess, but to enjoy the intellectual stimulation and the creative process.

  • DURATION? 6 months
  • TRACKING WHERE? In this Blog ( + Instagram? )
  • TIME REQUIRED? ~ 2 hours each week

#13 Mini Vlogathon

After being inspired by a friend’s 365 Day Vlogathon, I am considering something smaller like vlogging for a month. So… what do I choose – VEDA (Vlog Every Day in April)? Vlogust? Vlogtober? Vlogmas? I haven’t made up my mind yet! But the bottom line is to push myself to overcome my occasional scopophobia (and also help you learn a new word today *wink*).

  • DURATION? 31 days
  • TRACKING WHERE? In this Blog + YouTube
  • TIME REQUIRED? ~ 2 hours each day

#14 Sketchbook Mini-Slam Challenge

The real Sketchbook Slam Challenge involved a 600-page A4 sketchbook and 30 days. But I am going for the mini-version with a 200-page one over 365 days. I have no clue where to start and I have been out of practice for a long time now. But hey, why not! (Update 12/02: This started off as a 100-page challenge. But after reading my blog post, my best bud got me a 200-page sketchbook just for the fun of it!)

  • DURATION? All Year (probably longer)
  • TRACKING WHERE? In this Blog ( + YouTube? )
  • TIME REQUIRED? ~ 4 hours each month

#15 Single Instrument Music Medley

This has a long backstory and deserves a blog post on its own. In fact, I was debating if I should move this to my private goal group (below). But if I do, I am going to waste another year and not see myself through with this challenge.

  • DURATION? All Year (and probably longer)
  • TRACKING WHERE? Timeular (Music time) + ( YouTube? )
  • TIME REQUIRED? ~ 4 hours each month

#16-20 Private Goals

I have 5 more challenges/goals that I want to accomplish this year. But since I cannot share them here without spoiling some surprises and/or making some gasp, I am going to do a slow reveal of these as I progress them. And G❤︎d willing, I will have one to reveal every few months.

My 20 in 2020 List

  1. Bible in a Year
  2. 20 Fun Dates in 2020
  3. Budget like a Boss
  4. 20 Books in 2020
  5. 20 Hours of Workout
  6. 200 Hours of Code
  7. #MinsGame
  8. Project 333
  9. A2-Level Spanish
  10. Project Life 2020
  11. NaNoWriMo 2020
  12. 20 Poems in 2020
  13. Vlogust
  14. Sketchbook Mini-Slam Challenge
  15. Single Instrument Music Medley
  16. Personal Goal 1
  17. Personal Goal 2
  18. Family Goal 1
  19. Family Goal 2
  20. Career Goal

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