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Anitha’s suicide: Is NEET solely responsible?

NEET. In the UK, this term means Not in Education, Employment or in Training. And there is a stigma attached to this word. Especially because of the number of crimes and teenage pregnancies associated with it. But in India, this acronym stands for something else that has recently become notorious. NEET is National Eligibility cum Entrance Test in India. It is an entrance examination that Indian students should take if they wish to graduate in medical, dental or postgraduate medical courses (MD/MS) in Indian medical colleges.

Anitha, an ambitious 17-year-old girl who weaved dreams of becoming a doctor, ended her life on 1st September 2017. She left her family, friends and students across India in shock. She had scored an impressive 1176/1200 in her Class 12 exams. But she did not qualify for a medical college seat. Because her NEET score of 86/700 was below the cut-off marks.

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