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Have our Bodies become a Luxury Status Symbol?

I was reading an interesting article by Janice Turner on The Times yesterday. She writes,

More than the vehicle you drive, the designer clothes you wear, your body is now the greatest luxury status symbol. It takes serious investment of wealth and time, a personal trainer who will put you through two hours of hell like Gwynnie to have an Instagrammable “midlife midriff”.

This article by Janice reminded me with stats and figures on why exercise was a necessity in my life, especially considering my addiction to Indian cuisine (too much carbs) and my desk job. The article got me pondering if our bodies were indeed a luxury status symbol? In which case, I am pretty much on par with the cattle class or probably even lower!

Some of the fittest people around me (I am talking serious fitness… like 6-pack and bulging arms fitness), have (or had) personal trainers and are (or were) on some expensive programmes promising them toned limbs 💪 and taut abs. And me? I chose the cheapest gym in the vicinity and don’t even have a Personal Trainer (well… not one I pay for at least). So I don’t have the dough for a personal trainer, so what did I go for? Public accountability!

I joined the gym around the time of my birthday in May as an obligatory Birthday resolution and because I couldn’t stand the push from my BFF, Kate 😘, who by the way is one of my friends with taut abs and toned limbs. And guess what… I have been pretty much consistent at the gym over the last 3 months compared to some of my previous gym experiences. I guess, it is something close to “luxury status symbol” that did the trick for me.

First time I was there, I posted a non-glamorous post-workout sweaty photo of me on my WhatsApp status as a response to a taunting friend. I received a lot of applause from my friends. Then I skipped the gym for a few days, which prompted some of them to nudge me asking when was I heading to the gym next. Soon it become a sort of ritual – the workout, the post-workout sweaty photo and the sauna (my personal reward). If I skipped the gym a few days in a row, someone would ask me how I was doing… and that evening I would be back at the gym again. Now nearly 90 days later, I am proud of myself a teeny bit for becoming 6 pounds lighter and for managing to do a 5k jog without turning into a puddle on the floor (until 15 mins later, may be 😅).

Jawbone UP screenshot of Sony's first successful 5km run in 2017
My first successful 5km run this year

The sweaty photos and the ensuing encouragements and even the odd gibes are what psyched me up to make fitness a priority for me. Someday, I hope I can do a 5k run under 30mins and feel 3 stones lighter. Wish me luck… and leave me some encouragement when you see my sweaty photo! 😍

If you are subscribed to The Times you can read the full article here: Exercise needs to become our drug of choice


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