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Two months down, Ten more to go!

At the beginning of the year, I posted about my 20 in 2020 challenges. I started off OK in January, but learned I need to make a lot of adjustments and changes. I set specific action plans for 7 of the 20 challenges earlier this month. Here is an update on how I fared in February.

How did I spend time in February?

February was a hectic month, as I had tonnes of assignments from my part-time studies whilst also being on a full-time job. My top 5 items from Timeluar were: Sleep (obviously – although I am still averaging only 6 hours), studying, exercise, Bible study and consuming books/podcasts. Overall, excluding sleep, I spent over 87.25 hours working on my personal development activities. That averages to about 21 hours each week.

Timeular Report from February 2020
Timeular Report from February 2020

All-Year Challenges

  1. Bible in a Year: This has been one of those goals that are currently going as per plan, purely by G❤︎d’s grace. I have now gotten into the habit of spending my first hour of waking up reading the Bible.
    Verdict: 9 weeks down, 43 more to go. GOOD
  2. 20 Fun Dates in 2020: In February, we headed out for our first experience of an Escape Room. We did not Escape! But we loved the idea and have got one more booking done already for another Fun Date in the future.
    Verdict: 2 down, 18 more to go. GOOD
  3. Budget like a Boss: Last month, I set a couple of goals for this area to increase the Quality of Goals expenses to 50% and reduce Necessary expenses to 20%. We fared well this month in achieving these goals. BUT… our Luxury expenses went up from 5% to 6%. More dining out this month and some expensive choices too.
    Verdict: Getting there! =) GOOD
  4. 20 Books in 2020: I finished reading my second book for the year – Rich Dad Poor Dad early February and have been reading Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week this month. With my upcoming Spring Term assignments and assessments coming up, I had been doing more studying than reading.
    Verdict: In February, I spent 8 hours reading. 2 down, 18 more books to read. GOOD
  5. 20 hours of Workout: Last month, I managed to get in only 15.5 hours. So I set some goals last month, and yes I did it. Yay, 20 hours of exercise in and 5 of those hours came from walking whilst catching up on my reading.
    Verdict: 20 / 20 in February! Let’s see if I can maintain this in March! GOOD

Lifestyle Challenges

  1. 200 Hours of Code: A friend suggested I do a live coding challenge on YouTube/Twitch, and I loved that idea. So I have set up a Twitch Channel. But more on that later.
  2. #MinsGame: My husband is a far better declutterer than me. One fine Saturday in February, he converted our storeroom (also known as “the junk room”) into his study after throwing away a truckload of stuff. But there is so much still lurking around in our loft and in other spaces. So getting ready for this in March.
    Verdict: START IN MARCH
  3. Project 333: No updates this month.
    Verdict: DEFERRED (until June)
  4. A2-Level Spanish: In February, I only spent a couple of hours focussing on studying Spanish. This month I had to put in some extra effort on one of my other life areas (part-time studies) as we are approaching the end of Spring term. But next month, I don’t have an excuse for not getting into action mode for this goal.
    Verdict: Need to put in more time. CAN DO BETTER
  5. Project Life 2020: I have done better than the last month by capturing more photos of Logan and me this month. Knowing that these photos don’t go on Social Media definitely helps – LOL! Also, having realised that not every week has exciting stories to share, I started focussing on specific facets of our lifestyle and capturing more of that in less eventful weeks.
    Verdict: So far, so… GOOD

Fun Challenges

  1. NaNoWriMo 2020: As planned for February, I set up a NaNoWriMo Project and also Scrivener on my laptop. I, then, got in a few hours of brainstorming. But I am still not very happy with the outcome. Considering that NaNoWriMo is 8 months away, I still have time to work on this.
    Verdict: This quarter I would like to wrap up my outline. CAN DO BETTER
  2. 20 Poems in 2020: No updates this month.
    Verdict: DEFERRED (until May)
  3. Vlogust: No updates this month.
    Verdict: DEFERRED (until August)
  4. Sketchbook Mini-Slam Challenge: In spite of following my action plan for last month, I haven’t gotten far with this. I picked up my “masterpiece” sketchbook and started with some random drawings. But I am my worst critic; hence the struggle!
    Verdict: I should be renaming this to “Get over my perfectionism”. CAN DO BETTER
  5. Music Medley: I made some amazing progress with this goal after my update in January. I had a great chat with a friend earlier this month and chose some songs (partial) to learn on the keyboard (hopefully, by this year). I also put in half-a-dozen of practice time on the keyboard this month.
    Verdict: Need more practice, but getting there. GOOD

In summary, I am doing GOOD in 7 of those challenges. I CAN DO BETTER in 3 areas – Spanish, Novel Writing and Sketching. And I have 5 DEFERRED items.

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