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How far did I make it with my 20 in 2020?

Last month, I posted about my 20 in 2020. A month later, am I regretting any of them? Has the New Year/New Decade vibe given me the momentum to make enough progress with my goals? I made a head start with 7 of my publicly announced 15 challenges. But I have another 8 challenges I am struggling with.

All-Year Challenges

  1. Bible in a Year: Contrary to my expectations, making time to read the Bible was the easy part. Comprehending and complying with what G❤︎d was teaching me daily has been the tough part. Recently, I finished the book of Job. And I am inspired by that book to surrender to His sovereignty even when I don’t understand. This change in mindset has made a lot of difference since.
    Verdict: 5 weeks down, 47 more to go. GOOD
  2. 20 Fun Dates in 2020: I started off with some conservative ideas because my husband isn’t an adrenaline junkie like me. It was my husband’s birthday last weekend. What better time to introduce fun dates! So I booked some Sledging time at Snozone followed by window shopping at a popular designer outlet shopping centre. A few more activities have been booked/planned for this month.
    Verdict: 1 down, 19 more to go. GOOD
  3. Budget like a Boss: This month we focussed on reducing one of our major MoneyLeaks – dining out. The good news is we did well in January and reduced the spending in this category by 72% !!! Let’s see if we can keep that trend going.
    Verdict: Great start, but more expenditure categories to attack next. OK
  4. 20 Books in 2020: I finished reading a book set in January – Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book and its companion workbook. And I will be wrapping up a second book – Rich Dad Poor Dad – this week.
    Verdict: In January, I spent 13 hours reading. And this has helped me stay away from some of my non-productive activities. 1 down, 19 more to go. GOOD
  5. 20 hours of Workout: The year started off with some major downtime. So I did not get in enough amount of workouts.
    Verdict: 15.5 out of 20 hours – not exactly my best! CAN DO BETTER

Lifestyle Challenges

  1. 200 Hours of Code: As I am continuing my part-time course I am collating some project ideas. I am planning to run this during quarters 2 and 3.
    Verdict: DEFERRED (until April)
  2. #MinsGame: A couple of my friends did this in January and it was so motivating to see their Snapchat stories on their progress. I am planning to buddy up with a friend and do this in March.
    Verdict: DEFERRED (until March)
  3. Project 333: The last time I thought about this challenge was when I was writing my 20 in 2020 blog post. I am tempted to park this for now while I put my focus on some of my other priority goals.
    Verdict: DEFERRED (until June)
  4. A2-Level Spanish: I put together an action plan and started off well. Then I lost interest in between. I realised that was because I wasn’t really connected with why I was doing this challenge. (No, it isn’t about 20 in 2020. LOL!) Once I found my footing, I have plunged right back into action.
    Verdict: I am nowhere near the A2-Level I am aiming for. Need to put in more study time. OK
  5. Project Life 2020: I spent some time yesterday collating photos for the month and realised I haven’t taken as many photos as I once used to. And there were so few photos of both Log and me together.
    Verdict: Time to capture more memories on camera! OK

Fun Challenges

  1. NaNoWriMo 2020: I spent about 30 minutes daydreaming about my novel and that is the only effort I have put into this so far. Time to take some actions in the right direction for this.
    Verdict: Daydreaming about it doesn’t count. This quarter I would like to wrap up my outline. CAN DO BETTER
  2. 20 Poems in 2020: I am deferring this until May so I can do this with a friend. A little competition helps me stay on track.
    Verdict: DEFERRED (until May)
  3. Mini Vlogathon aka Vlogust: As you can see I have decided on a month to do my vlogging. Last month, I was still debating about VEDA, Vlogust, Vlogtober and Vlogmas. I am probably not going to go public with my videos. But I plan to share them on this platform. So stay tuned.
    Verdict: DEFERRED (until August)
  4. Sketchbook Mini-Slam Challenge: After spending 2.75 hours last month in doodling and practice drawings, I still don’t have much to show for it. While pondering about this, I realised where I am going wrong. I am planning to address this issue this month.
    Verdict: This challenge needs some push and a different mindset. CAN DO BETTER
  5. Single Instrument Music Medley: I started training on a piece with the Ukulele and even got in over 6.25 hours of practice last month. But I am having a change of heart. More about this in my next post about my goals for February.
    Verdict: I need to stop changing my mind so frequently. So many great songs, so little time (and skill!). This month I am picking up a song and an instrument. OK

In summary, I am doing GOOD in 3 of those challenges and OK on 4 of them. I CAN DO BETTER on 3 of them – Exercising, Novel Writing and Sketching. And I have intentionally DEFERRED 5 of them to later quarters.

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