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Nenjodu Cherthu inspired from…

Guess what one my favourite song from half-a-decade ago was…

And then on one of my recent train commutes, I heard a fellow passenger humming a song that sounded so much like this one.

My immediate question was “Are you a Mallu?”, although he looked and spoke nothing like a Malayalee. I later learned he was from Bangladesh and the song he was humming was the Bengali song Mitthe by ZooEL Morshed.

Yes… that song has the exact same Guitar Intro even. ZooEL’s version came out in 2010, two years before the Nenjodu Cherthu version. So this is definitely inspired.

After an hour of discourse with my fellow passenger, I decided to look up this ZooEL on the internet. I found his album – Ekla Prothom – online and I like his music… familiar, contemporary and easy to listen to. Wish I had learned some Bengali… when I had the chance.



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