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October Goals

After having one of my most successful months of the year, here I am again, setting some personal goals for the upcoming month of October 2019.

  1. Wake up by 5:00 AM and join The 5 AM Club
  2. Read the Bible in 100 days
  3. 30 minutes of Morning Workout for 30 days
  4. Do a Web Development Course

1. Join the 5 AM Club

If you have been following me on my Instagram or this blog, this goal does not come as a surprise to you. My very first 30-day challenge on this blog was to wake up by 6 AM every day. I survived that challenge last month. So I decided to upgrade my goal to 5 AM. And, if you haven’t noticed, Instagram is filled with 1000s of people waking up at 5 AM. So I have tons of motivation for this goal!

2. Read the Bible in 100 days

This Spring, I did the Essential 100 Bible Reading Plan. After that, I found myself so fascinated with the idea of reading the Bible cover-to-cover in a short span of time. Since I was born in a Christian family, I was encouraged even during my childhood to read the Bible. By the time I completed University, I had read most of the books of the Bible. But it left me with more questions than answers.

Hence this time I want to do read the Bible in chronological order, so I can see the correlations between the various books of the Bible. I have put together a 14-week reading plan. And I am using the Chronological Life Application Study Bible (New Living Translation Edition). I made a start today already and I think this is something that I will focus on as soon as I wake up. This will add extra motivation to wake up by 5 AM.

3. Morning Workout

This month, I have been doing my Body Boss Pre-training and I am not going to lie – it has been really really hard! A few days back, I decided to do one of my 30-day Challenges again. This time it is to get in 30 minutes of exercise time every morning for 30 days. I use the term exercise pretty loosely here. Because my idea of exercise ranges from some cardio workout on the Cross Trainer to yoga stretches to some fun dancing to Bollywood tunes to the strenuous Body Boss workouts.

4. Web Development Course

I have decided to do some upskilling and certification. And one of my papers is on Web Development. This covers the following topics:

  1. Web Design
  2. HTML (including HTML5)
  3. CSS (including CSS3)
  4. JavaScript and jQuery
  5. AngularJS
  6. Bootstrap
  7. PHP and MySQL
  8. WordPress

Although these are some of the topics, I claim to be well-versed, I still have the “hard task” of going through the course content and completing my assessments and assignments. For the month of October, I am targetting to complete the lectures for the first 3 sections – which ideally I should be able to zoom through. I would like to finish this course by the end of the year. But with everything else that is going on, that will be a stretch. Let’s see in a few weeks how I get on.

What Next?

I will see you back here at the end of October with a catch-up on my progress and some fresh goals for November.

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