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September Goals – Final Update

A little over 4 weeks ago, I set up some goals for the month of September. Here is an update on how that went.

1. Wake Up Early

This has been an accomplishment for me as I woke up every single day before 6 AM. In fact, I think next month I am going to up my game and see if I can change my wake up time to 5 AM and join the “The 5 AM Club”. There were a few things that helped me achieved this goal:

  1. I used my Instagram as my habit tracker and my accountability buddy. I made quite a few friends on Instagram who are working on their morning routines. They added inspiration and passion in me to keep at it.
  2. I used FocusMate where I had amazing authors and programmers be my early morning companion. Not wanting to stand them up was a key motivation to drag myself off my warm bed, freshen up, climb down a flight of stairs and install myself on my comfy couch every single morning before 6 AM.
  3. My ever-loving stubbornly supportive husband always woke up with a smile to tell me “Wow, you are already up. Your determination and discipline inspire me.” So even on those days when I did not feel as determined and disciplined enough, I did not want to stop “inspiring” him and fail his expectations.
Woke up before 6 AM
Plan to schedule an earlier wake up time like 5 AM going forward

2. Read the Bible

I completed a Bible Study focussing on the Sermon on the Mount which is from the Gospel of Matthew chapters 5 to 7. I only focussed on a few verses each day. But each day, I found myself reflecting on and refining my personal ethics. I still have a long way to go in perfecting my thoughts and actions in line with Jesus’ teachings from this passage. But this was a great start.

Completed reading Matthew 5-7
Next goal is to read the Bible (Genesis to Revelation) in about 100 days

3. Exercise

I completed Body Boss 4 weeks of Body Boss pre-training. And a few days back I started the real deal. It has not been easy! The exercises are still tough and I find myself constantly modifying them to be able to complete the required number of reps. Since my 30-day challenge of waking up by 6 AM came to an end, I decided to embark on another 30-day challenge, which is to get in a minimum 30-minute workout every morning. This will be one of my goals for October.

Completed Body Boss Pre Training
Next phase is to built in 30 minutes of exercise every morning and continue with Body Boss

4. Read a Book

I finished my fourth book this week – The One Thing by Gary Keller/Jay Papasan. This book had me reviewing my goals to ensure my focus was razor-sharp on the important things in life. I made a lot of schedule changes to ensure I tackle the really rewarding and important things in life. I think this may have left a few people unhappy/unsettled. But I thought it was better to make this decision now than let it linger on and be dissatisfied with my life.

Read 4 books in September (Details here)
This will continue to be by my goal, but probably fewer books because I also plan to read the Bible.

5. Solopreneur

I finally managed to put together a Business Plan, thanks to this website Informi. Although this is far from perfect, this exercise helped me see the strengths and the flaws in the business idea I was pursuing. Over the upcoming quarter, I plan to schedule some time in to upskill myself. I will also continue to review each aspect of the business plan and see how I can make this happen in 2020 (or even alter course, if it doesn’t really serve its purpose).

Done with the research and brainstorm.
Now that I know where I am lacking, I will work on upskilling and more researching.

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